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What is

Using the internet domains and, ARRIVA and DB Regio run an online platform for selling pre-owned buses. Via the websites, registered users can bid for used buses on offer from the regional bus service operators that are part of DB Regio AG and Arriva PLC.

What is on sale via

The website is a sales portal for used buses and other pre-owned vehicles from DB Regio AG's and Arriva PLC's regional bus service operators.

Who can use to sell vehicles?

The companies selling vehicles are the regional bus service operators of DB Regio AG and Arriva PLC.

What is the sales procedure?

The vehicle owners put the vehicles up for sale, and interested parties can simply bid for them.

Who can submit a bid?

Our sales are intended only for natural persons of unlimited legal capacity pursuing commercial activities. As such, individuals/consumers as per Section 13 of German Civil Code (§ 13 Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch, (BGB)) acting in a purely private capacity are excluded from submitting bids.

How can I register to become a user entitled to submit bids?

Simply use the website's Registration option. Enter the mandatory business details, a log-in name and password. This gives you immediate access to the full range of vehicles on sale. Once the user verification process returns positive confirmation, you can submit bids.

How does the verification check work?

Before you can be provided with complete access to the site and submit bids for vehicles, we require confirmation of your business status (authorised copy of your commercial register number and/or business registration) in addition to a copy of a form of government-issued identification (ID card/passport). For details, please see the e-mail you received upon registering as a user.

As a user, does it cost me anything to register with the site or submit a bid?

No. Registration and submitting purchase bids are free of charge.

How do I submit a bid?

Your bid can be placed on our site.

What happens after the bidding process ends?

Every time you submit a valid bid, the system sends you a confirmation by e-mail. The details page of a vehicle that you are bidding for also displays the current highest bid and if you are the current highest bidder. You can also see what your maximum submitted bid is.

What happens at the end of a sales process?

When a tender with valid bids ends, the highest bidder receives an e-mail informing them that they submitted the highest bid. This is not the formal acceptance of the purchase offer: the highest bid is binding only when the highest bidder receives the purchase contract from the seller. The contract can be sent either via e-mail or conventional post.

How do I get the purchase contract?

If you are the person who submits the highest bid and the seller is happy with the final result, they send you the contract by e-mail or post following the close of the sales process.

How do I get the invoice?

If the seller accepts your bid, you receive the invoice from them by e-mail or post following the end of the sales process.

When do I have to pay?

The invoice specifies the payment deadline.

When can I collect the vehicle?

Vehicles can be collected once the agreed price as shown on the invoice is paid in full. Once the seller verifies that they have received the payment for the vehicle, you receive an e-mail authorising you to collect it.

Can vehicles be delivered?

No. You are required to collect a purchased vehicle yourself. If a vehicle is not roadworthy, the buyer is responsible for organising its transportation.